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Customized solutions for large industries

Together with our technology partners, we integrate clean and innovative technologies to provide efficient and sustainable energy solutions

In the world of sustainable energy, it is all about synergy. From our experience, it is essential to combine different technologies to meet the renewable energy consumption needs. We have seen the struggles of the industries in their journey to become greener while increasing their energy efficiency in an economical manner. As a vibrant and dynamic company, we have taken upon ourselves the mission to combine between the available solutions to meets the specific needs of a variety of industries. From recycling excess heat to reusing biomass waste, we always look for the right business approach and technological combination to address our customers’ needs.


Energy Generation Technologies

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PV solar installations provide a solution for both on and off-grid applications relying on the abundant source of solar energy.

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Waste-heat recovery

State-of-the-art modern technology that recovers the wasted heat from existing industrial processes to reduce the energy costs and CO2 emissions, while increasing energy efficiency.

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Biomass / waste-to-power

A waste-to-power facility sorts the waste in categories (plastics, biomass, metals, glass etc.) and turns the combustible material into power, while recycling the non-combustibles.

Storage solutions

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Thermal storage

 The thermal storage is able to optimally combine various sources of energy (PV, waste-to-power, waste gases etc.)  and deliver a constant and reliable energy supply. The stored heat can then provide base-load power or heat and has applications in both on-grid (reducing grid instability) and off-grid cases.

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Compressed air

A compressed air storage volume designed to meet air consumption pattern at factories in different industries, reducing the inefficiencies of compressed air system from both economical and ecological perspectives.

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A battery can be used to store electrical power produced by the renewable energy generation facilities in order deliver round-the-clock electricity to the grid or directly to the households (off-grid).